Industry conferences and exhibitions as an element of a next-generation integrated marketing communications platform, tailored for global transport and travel industries with a focus on emerging markets.
The new approach to conferences and exhibitions
Industry conferences and exhibitions as an element of a next-generation integrated marketing communications platform, tailored for global transport and travel industries with a focus on emerging markets.
The new approach to conferences and exhibitions
Upcoming Events
  1. October 11, 2023, Istanbul, Türkiye
The conference focused on the current state and prospects of the air transport market in South Eurasia, where leaders of airlines, airports, leasing companies, financiers, aircraft manufacturers, and market experts meet together to discuss the region’s air transport development and its financing.
  • The new role of South Eurasia region in global air transport following pandemic and political turbulence.
  • Opportunities and requirements to fuel rapid growth and take geopolitical advantages.
  • Resource: what is available and what is needed in the nearest future?
  • Aircraft finance and lease: what are the updates and trends in the leasing market?
  1. November 23, 2023, Tashkent
The conference focused on the current state and prospects of the air transport market in South Eurasia, where leaders of airlines, airports, leasing companies, financiers, aircraft manufacturers, and market experts meet together to discuss the region’s air transport development.
  • The new role of South Eurasia in global air transport following pandemic and political turbulence.
  • Opportunities and requirements to fuel rapid growth and take geopolitical advantages.
  • Resource: what is available and what is needed in the nearest future?
ROUND TABLE: Future of Aviation
  1. November 30, 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Within the framework of the round table, it is planned to discuss the state and current issues of the development of air transport in Uzbekistan, as well as the prospects and future of civil aviation in the country and the region.
The round table will be attended by CEO’s of Uzbekistan airlines and airports, representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan, financial institutions and service providers for air transport.
  1. December 12, 2023, United Arab Emirates
Leading role of South Eurasian airlines and airports. Central discussion platform for considering the current state and prospects of the air transport financing and leasing market in South Eurasia, where air carriers, leasing companies, financiers, lawyers, and aircraft manufacturers meet.
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  1. March 26–27, 2024, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
This technically oriented event gives its delegates the unique opportunity to get insights into the latest trends in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Exhibitors will have excellent opportunities to share their capabilities and innovations, as well as to discuss vital issues with market leaders, and build new business relations in the region.
  • Aircraft MRO solutions and best practices.
  • Aftermarket services and products.
  • Innovative technologies and equipment.
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Past Events
  1. June 13, 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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  1. May 17–18, 2023, Istanbul, Türkiye
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ROUND TABLE: Future of Aviation. Uzbekistan
  1. February 28, 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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  1. February 2, 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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  1. November 9−10, 2022, Istanbul, Türkiye
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  1. September 7, 2022, Istanbul, Türkiye
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Why Participate in ATO COMM Conferences?

The ATO COMM team has been arranging and holding professional events with enthusiasm and dedication for many years — business conferences, exhibitions, industry awards, seminars, etc. Like any meaningful work, our activity brings us much joy when we feel that the event had a success. When the speakers managed to raise the audience interest, the participants actively asked questions, had heated discussions on the sidelines, and after the sessions communicated in an informal atmosphere, they just did not want to disperse.

But there are always those who remain dissatisfied. Leaving the event, they ask themselves — why did I come here, why did I waste my time and the company’s money?

There can be many reasons for disappointment, we carefully study them, trying to make our events better. But on the basis of many years of experience and numerous surveys, let us say that some participants, having come to a business conference, are simply not ready for it — they have not determined the purpose for their attendance.
"If you don’t care where you want to find yourself, girl, it does not matter for you where you go" — L. Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We have taken the liberty of bringing together the advice of numerous highly respected business people who shared their opinions on why to attend business conferences.

We will be glad if these tips will help you to improve the efficiency of your work at the event.
Gaining Knowledge and Experience

You need to come to the conferences for obtaining serious facts and professional opinions that help you take a broader look at your business, catch the current market trends.

Participation in the conference gives you an opportunity to learn about new ideas and approaches in the areas of your interest, as well as to expand your understanding of related areas, to better understand the problems, to enrich yourself with new facts and analytics and to charge yourself by the atmosphere of a professional community.

In order not to miss anything valuable, preparation is needed. It is useful to study the program in advance and to highlight those elements that require most attention. It is advisable to prepare substantive questions on the topics of your interest and to ask them in the conference room or during a break. By the way, this is a good opportunity to get to know the speaker personally.
Updating Knowledge about Market Participants

Participation in a professional conference is one of the most convenient ways to refresh your understanding of your position in the market. From speeches, presentations and communication, you can assess the state and current level of market leaders, competitors, potential customers and partners.
It is useful to look at the activity of competitors. Watch their work at the conference: how they position themselves, what they win over you, and what they lose.

Face-to-face meetings are always more effective than communication by mail or on the Internet, so do not miss the opportunity to talk within the framework of the conference. Many people believe that communication within the framework of the event is no less beneficial for business than reports and discussions within the framework of the program.

Here you can easily organize communication with people you already know who will be on the same site and at the same time with you. Contact them in advance, and this will allow you to have 5−10 quick meetings.

In addition, do not miss the opportunity to meet directly with potential partners, customers, people important to the industry. Decide in advance who you want to meet by looking at the list of participants. And think about how you can get to know each other. It is best to approach with a specific question or topic for discussion, thereby demonstrating interest in this particular person or the company they represent.

To search for the like-minded people, it makes sense to browse social networks by the conference hashtag — live reviews, thoughts, opinions. It’s a good chance to see an interesting person, send him a message and immediately meet him in person.

"Fan" networking is perceived worst of all in the professional community. This is when a person goes from one participant to another with the same question: "What is your name, what do you do? Perhaps we can find some common ground? Let’s exchange business cards." "Fan" networking can "shoot" only when the organizers specifically hold networking sessions, where all the participants get the opportunity to quickly and in an organized way get to know each other.

And there is a little trick: if possible, come to the very opening of the event. Usually people pull up to the end of the "welcome coffee" and the beginning of the first reports. And hence, there is a chance to catch some very cool participant or speaker, who is quietly bored on the sidelines until the bulk of the people arrived.

If you plan to stay in your market for a long time, you need to work on your recognition and image. The more often customers and partners see you in various sources, whether it is a publication in the media, speeches at events or participation in them, the more likely you will be perceived as a reliable partner.

To achieve a clear marketing benefit from the event, if you are an ordinary participant, and not a sponsor, you will have to be reasonably active. The effect of such activities can be multiplied if several people are present at the conference from the company.

At a minimum, it makes sense to greet all your friends, remind them of your existence and show that everything is fine with you. In our pandemic times, this becomes especially important. Tell the right people about yourself or your new products.

Use modern marketing tools. Publications in social networks with the conference hashtag, with original and incendiary comments and photos; participation in online surveys and questionnaires, interesting questions for speakers, participation in video interviews and some other PR activities of the organizers for social networks — this is an incomplete list of such opportunities.

Often, to promote their marketing goals, their own publication of the results of attending an event is also beneficial.

Events Business Partners


  • At this conference, we would like to have intensive networking to better understand what is going on in the air transport industry in this region — in the CIS, in Central Asia, in the Caucasus; because I think there are many new opportunities here. We can support each other and develop new traffic.
    Adel Dauletbek
    Vice-president Marketing & Sales, Air Astana
  • As for Aktau Airport, the conference is very useful, because we meet not only with our old partners, but also the new ones, and we hear about the strategy and vision of other airports and airlines.
    Meruert Zholdybaeva
    Acting General Director, Aktau International Airport
  • In our mid-long strategy we’re actually looking into the region which is mostly represented at this conference, so it’s a good possibility for us to network and develop new connections and new opportunities for the future.
    Jiri Marek
    CEO, Air Serbia
  • Thanks to this conference, we understand partnerships, statistics and division for 2023–2025. In general, our entire board is here, and after this conference we will change our strategy a lot. So it was very useful for us.
    Valeriy Parenchuk
    Head of Tourism Project, Easybooking
  • At this conference, we received a proof that Central Asia has great opportunities and advantages, compared to other markets, in the development of air transportation, both through the region and international transit.
    Yerkin Nauryzbayev
    Acting CEO, Qazaq Air
  • On behalf of the Uzbekistan Airports Joint Stock Company, I thank you for the high appreciation of our team. It was a pleasure and very useful for us to participate in this conference. Thank you for the excellent and interesting organization of this event.
    Anna Degtyarenko
    Head of Aviation Services Development Department, Uzbekistan Airports
  • Thank you for the invitation and giving me the chance to speak in this valuable conference. Hope to come together at the next conferences.
    Emre Pekesen
    SVP — Sales and Network Planning, Pegasus Airlines
  • The conference was very useful for me because I met industry representatives from countries that are sometimes very hard to reach. It was good to see them all in one place, and the event itself was very well organized.
    Igor Aptsiauri
    Omniva Representative In Caucasus and Central Asia
  • Central Asia is uniquely positioned on the historical Silk Way, linking the East and the West. Currently the region plays an increasingly important role in passenger flows, international trade and air freight. Central Asian and Caucasus countries are developing investment opportunities and business ties, including but not limited to connections with China, Türkiye, the Middle East and Europe. Economies and business climates of countries in the region are transforming rapidly, creating the prerequisites for active commercial aviation development.
    Many countries in the region have ambitious growth plans in aviation: new passenger and cargo start-up airline companies are emerging, while established carriers continue to expand and renew their fleets and further develop their operations. Boeing, as in the past, is ready to support them not only with its state-of-the-art commercial airplanes, but also with strategic collaborations, as well as an array of services to maintain the fleet airworthiness and help airlines enhance the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of their operations.
    Mario Antonio Ebcim
    Strategy and Market Development, Eurasia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has identified the tourism sector as one of the strategic sectors of the national economy. We expect the tourist flow to grow to 7 million tourists, and the export of tourist services up to $ 2 billion. The government is actively implementing an "open door" policy, the visa system is being simplified: over the past three years, the number of visa-free countries has grown from 9 to 90, and a system for issuing electronic visas for citizens of 54 countries has been implemented. An open sky mode has been introduced for foreign airlines. Nevertheless, we see that the demand significantly exceeds the supply, and the capacity of existing airlines is not enough to meet the needs of both Uzbekistan citizens and guests of the republic.
    Heritage Aziz Abdukhakimov
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Cultural
  • At present, many new airlines are being founded in Uzbekistan. I hope that in the near future this will support the demand for the development of tourism and business activities in all regions of the country. Being a holding that manages 11 international airports we try to develop an airport infrastructure as soon as possible in order to provide for this demand.
    Rano Djurayeva
    CEO of Uzbekistan Airports JSC
  • Within the framework of the conference, an analysis of the aviation market in the region was presented by international and local experts. In the post-pandemic period, the development of business in the field of aviation has changed a lot.
    Every day we face new challenges that allow us to consider and explore new markets. Uzbekistan Airways is actively working on increasing the aircraft fleet and the frequency of flights to existing destinations, as well as on opening new destinations, which in turn will have a positive impact on attracting both direct and transit passengers wishing to fly via Uzbekistan.
    Sardor Irmukhamedov
    Director of the Department of Tariffs and Commercial Agreements in JSC Uzbekistan Airways noted
  • Central Asia is becoming an increasingly interesting market for commercial aviation and we are committed to the region. We were delighted to be in Samarkand to support the conference, share our perspective on the current situation in the region and it’s development prospects, present an overview of the aviation market and meet with our customers.
    Mario Antonio Ebcim
    Director, Strategy and Market Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

About Us

ATO COMM based in EU (Slovenia), and US company, MARK COMM, are two integral parts of the next-generation integrated marketing communications platform, specifically tailored for global transport and travel industries with a special focus on emerging markets. The platform’s core value proposition is to be a one-stop-shop for:
  • conference management
  • corporate training and education
  • trade media services
  • marketing communications and media relations
  • consultancy services
Our executive team brings strategic knowledge and a vast experience to our company. Their rich and varied skills and talents, backed by an extensive network of industry professionals and a list of trusted speakers, guide our mission to create the best industry-tailored events.

Our mission is to create trade events and activities, which are beneficial to the business development of each participating company or individual, as well as to contribute to the evolution of the industry. Participants of our events know that they will get an unbiased and comprehensive assessment of the market, understood the views of the key players and regulators, enriched their outlook with new insights, and struck up meaningful business contacts.

Our speakers

  • Rano Jurayeva
    Uzbekistan Airports
  • Mario Ebcim
  • Ruslan Sarin
  • Pawel Skutel
  • Robert Obolgogiani
  • Krislen Keri
    Wizz Air
  • Askhat Torshin
    Lufthansa Consulting
  • Dmitriy Martynenko
    Air Marakanda
  • Halisa Vahabova
    TS Team Logistics
  • Maxim Pyadushkin
    Aviation Week
  • Bernard Wodl
    Lufthansa Group
  • Kamil Gaynutdinov
    Global South Logistics
  • Igor Aptsiauri
    Starlight Aviation
  • Vadim Fokins
  • Ratan Ratnakar
    Kyrgyz Airways
  • Bakari Abubakar
    Frontier Innovative Solutions
  • Bekir Yıldırım
    Turkish Airlines
  • Emre Pekesen
    Pegasus Airlines
  • Emre Serpen
    Digital Transformation
  • Mehmet Eyigurbuz
    MNG Airlines
  • Metin Tabalu
    Sense & Strategize
  • Philipp Kolchin
    McKinsey & Company
  • Ricardo Genova
    Aviation Consultant
  • Sergejs Balonuskovs
  • Thomas Bulirsch

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