Aviation Finance & Lease
  • June 7, 2023
  • United Arab Emirates
Gulf region and its air transport system had solidified its global status as a major civil aviation hub and serves in current turbulent times as attraction point for redevelopment of global air transport system after pandemic and war in Europe.

Its growing influence is essential for development of aviation in Central Asia, South-Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Growing transport and cultural ties between numerous countries of this mega-region create unmatched opportunities for mutual development, partnerships and investment.


  • Aviation Finance And Leasing: New Reality
  • 2023 Current Aircraft Finance Market Outlook
  • Development of Air Transport System in Modern Times
  • Aircraft Leasing in the Current Market
  • How Demand for Aircraft Transforms
  • Aircraft Engine Leasing and Ownership
  • Finance in Aviation Infrastructure: Deadly Mine Field or Bonanza for Investors?
  • Financing Startups and Their Growth to Success (From Zero to Midsize and Beyond)

Invited speakers
Representatives from airlines, leasing and financial companies, aircraft manufactures, MRO and service providers.


Asia Connect: Air Finance and Lease conference is designed to bring world’s leading financial institutions directly to the one of the most attractive capitals of this mega region. Numerous new airlines, infrastructure project managers, local authorities, equipment suppliers and service providers.

Join speaker’s lineup and share with the audience your professional perspective on key trends in aviation finance and leasing


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