Asia Connect: Aviation Strategy
  • November 15, 2023
  • Sharjah, UAE
World air transport is facing unprecedented challenges and undergoing tectonic changes.

At the Asia Connect: Aviation Strategy 2023 conference, representatives from airlines, airports, travel companies, air cargo providers, IT companies, leasing companies and financial institutions, insurance companies and aircraft manufacturers will discuss the changes taking place in the vast regional passenger and cargo market in Asia and neighboring countries, assess the long-term opportunities and risks, receive up-to-date information on aircraft financing and trends in the leasing market.

Key Topics

  • The Big Picture of the Region
  • Connecting Europe and Asia
  • Staff Shortage: Travel Demand and Carriers' Potential
  • The Leadership Exclusive Updates Direct from Key Airline and Airport Decision Makers and Network Planners
  • Airline Digital Strategies
  • Today Challenges and Future of Air Travel Ecosystem
  • Airport Strategies
  • Airline Fleet Strategies
  • Air Cargo Strategies


Representatives of airlines and airports senior as well as senior figures from international leasing companies and financial institutions are invited as speakers and participants.

Join speaker’s lineup and share with the audience your professional perspective on key trends in aviation finance and leasing


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